He’s mildly put off by this man. But he thinks it’s a misunderstanding between him both and immediately graftign what you knew onto strange things was… normal.

“Shinigami. I once heard the translation was “death god”.”

His vaguely purple eyes scan the stranger. “….. Who are you?”

"…Parthenopaeus Acheron. Or Acheron as I prefer." He leaned back, humming. "…And, since I know you’ve been traveling with the rest of the group of suspended time travelers  I’m also a type of guardian." He moved to push his sunglasses down, smirking at the other entity.



“I didn’t think death bringers sneezed.” Acheron said as he clicked his tongue at the other man, eyes narrowing behind the sunglasses. “Or even breathed, but hey. What do I know.”

Shuuhei stares up at the new man, surprised mostly by his stature.

“What is a ‘death bringer’,” he says calmly, “We aren’t… called that.”

"Really? You’d think even Styx knew his own members. But I suppose I don’t know everything about you people yet. You just remind me of my own." Acheron, indeed, was a tall man and wasn’t easily discernable from the clothes he…

…was ‘offered.’ At any rate, Acheron tapped his staff into the ground, smirking. “What are you called then?”


And suddenly, in that moment in the hilarity of the utopian and colorful Capitol, Shuuhei sneezed so violently he swore that his nose either came off or he was going to bleed to death.

"I didn’t think death bringers sneezed." Acheron said as he clicked his tongue at the other man, eyes narrowing behind the sunglasses. "Or even breathed, but hey. What do I know."


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"…" Acheron stared at the new folks, his hand tapping his staff slowly, the mussed, blonde long ponytail flowing near to his ankles. "Human… …Not human,and definitely not human. Good." He muttered darkly, lifting the staff up. "Good. More work…"

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Acheron was standing in a small area in a dingy alleyway, staff in hand. He was tired, but he’d finally gotten food. He was unable to sleep, the nightmares of his last visit to… wherever still influencing him. His blonde hair was in a braid, over his shoulder. Rocking on his heels. Eyes straining to see, he slid down and curled up. He needed sleep.

But sleep was a fickle bitch.

Even eleven thousand year old men could state insomnia was the worst thing to happen.

the real living prothean: finalfategod: the real living prothean: finalfategod: javdick:...




the real living prothean: finalfategod: javdick: finalfategod: I see people’s fates, Javik. I…



/Acheron glanced up, staring then, before sitting./ You will. You’ll know them both. Technically you can choose to be free of a lot of things….

/Hums, staring out at the sky./ You’re as old as my mother, and she found love. /’Before turning all the other gods into stone and then wrecking Atlantis, but yeah.’/ For freedom… that’s where things get tricky. I don’t know how you were raised… But have you ever seen a mother, any mother, go ballistic? Her child is taken from her, and so she is so angry she’d swear revenge upon you all? /He sighed, gripping his sunglasses./ …That’s my mother.

… Only mothers whose children were killed by the Reapers, or indoctrinated.

/starts to walk/

/Acheron follows, being careful to let him have room./ I don’t think I could attempt to console. It… is impossible. /He replied, softly./ But I know the feeling of someone taking something from me.

Have you ever heard of the night walker? /He was pulling on his trenchcoat./


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…Well, this is new. /Acheron tugged on his trenchcoat, raising his brows up at them./ Hello. /Not that they can see his eyes hidden by his sunglasses…/